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Our middle school raised $80,000 in a single day by holding a Sports Day at school, with a mini-Olympics and a walk-a-thon. It required many hands to put together!— Jason, Iowa

WorldStrides Fundraising

WorldStrides is committed to helping every student get the opportunity to travel. We offer a wide range of resources to students looking for ways to pay down their trip balances. This website is designed to help educators, students, and parents across all of WorldStrides’ divisions make their travel programs more affordable.

  • In a survey of our teachers and directors, nearly half reported holding at least one fundraiser to generate money for their educational travel programs. Go to Getting Started to find easy tips to get started. In Fundraising Ideas, learn which fundraisers our Program Leaders and directors reported were the most successful.

  • Educators can apply for a variety of external grants that can benefit all of their students. Visit Grants to learn where to find grants and how to craft a winning proposal.

  • On the Scholarships page, learn about various scholarships our travelers have been awarded to use toward their travel programs.

  • Thousands of students have independently raised money for their WorldStrides programs through our exclusive Gift of Education program. Share this page with your students to help them get started!

Fundraising Tip

Sponsor a dodgeball tournament and charge participants an entry fee.

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