Mother & son in NYC

Our general scholarship fund raised over $3,500 from a school rummage sale. It took just one day, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. — Cary, Wisconsin

Getting Started

Not only does fundraising help your students pay for their travel experience, but it is a great way to get parents involved, build support in the community, and improve students' leadership skills. Giving your students an opportunity to work together toward a common goal will help them develop relationships with each other prior to travel, and create a greater sense of satisfaction and ownership of their travel experiences!

Visit each of the pages below to learn about how you can easily organize a fundraiser for your travel program.

Seven Easy Steps to Fundraising
Choosing a Fundraiser
Promoting Your Fundraiser

Fundraising Tip

Clean up around your community and have friends and family pledge for each bag you fill with trash.

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